Waterfowl Hunting at its finest

Area links and recommendations

As far as recommendations, they are based on many years of experience. We put on at least ten times the wear and tear of the average waterfowl hunter. We hunt waterfowl approximately 70 days a year, more if we hunt the Snow goose conservation season. We build and maintain over 100 blinds. When the waterfowl season ends we are out pretty much everyday fishing from late April until waterfowl starts again. We have purchased all products that we are recommending.

If you are considering waders, over the years things have changed for the worst. We buy waders to stay dry. If you buy them to stay warm and they leak, you won't be warm. In recent years we have not been able to buy a set of waders that would last through a season and the days of cabela's life time guarantee are over. A couple of years ago we purchased a set of High 'N Dry waders, the next year we bought another set and they are both still going strong. It's obvious when you see them that they were designed to last. We both bought breathable, but I have seen the neoprene and I've heard they hold up well also. Check out www.hndoutdoors.com If you want to be warm, dress warm. Buy waders 1 or 2 sizes too big so you can fit warm socks and clothes.

For years I have been wearing Coasties. They got bought out and things went south from there. In desperation I bought a pair of Roka's. They are the best sunglass's I've ever worn! Over the years I have broken or dropped overboard more glasses than I can count. Roka's don't fall off your face. No need for the annoying straps. You can look down to pick up a decoy or gaff a fish and not worry about them falling overboard. They are so light you don't know you are wearing them and lenses are crystal clear. Roka

Tanglefree decoy line is the only line we use. There are times that you have to pick up a spread in a hurry, it's the only way to go. Use stainless steel pig rings & pig ring pliers to fasten it. If you can't find rings & pliers send me a email and I'll send you info. Tanglefree also makes the best Brant, Scoter & Oldsquaw decoys. Nothing wrong with the rest of their decoys either. Tanglefree Their portable blinds work very well also.

The most versatile and safe boat to use along the coast is the 19' thru 24' Carolina Skiff. The original flat bottom, not the fancy one. Aluminum boats are not suited for this area. I have tried every outboard engine made (I think). For dependability, cost, warranty and weight to horse power ratio Suzuki has worked out the best for us. Our dealer is also outstanding, which means as much to me as the brand. Thornes Marine in Stockton MD. 410-957-4481

As far as clothing the best I've found is Arctic Shield. BassPro used to stock it, not sure if the still do? Don't let the low price fool you, its warm. I get all mine on line. I'm still trying to find a warm vest, no luck yet.

For all around decoys, Greenhead has been working best for us.

We are stocking BOSS ammo this year. We will have most sizes, but the 2/5 3" is the way to go. It costs more than steel but far out preforms steel. Feel free to bring whatever ammo that you prefer.

If your are looking for a good motel, Comfort Suites is the place to go. If you are hunting with us they give you a discounted rate, free early breakfast, late checkout and most of our trips leave from there by boat. 757-336-3700

If you have a large group and are looking for a house, check with seasidevacationsrentals. 757-336-7070

For fishing check out Fish Tales We sail mid April thru early October. 757-336-FISH (3474)