Waterfowl Hunting at its finest

hunting update...

It has been a early migration with a good numbers of birds. Puddlers, divers and sea ducks arrived 2 or 3 weeks early. Brant showed up about on time. So far no significant amount of Snow geese, I assume there are some here but I haven't seen them.

I don't know if the early migration was due to cold weather up north, or there just wasn't enough room for all the ducks up there? In either case all indications are for a real good season.

We didn't get hurt too bad on blinds last year so we have been able to replace what we lost and added some new.

We still have open dates, so give Jan a call at 757-336-3474 anytime before 6pm for current dates and reservations.

Deposits are not refundable, but an be transferred to another open date with adequate notice.

We are going to have our youth hunt again this year on December 26th. 12 and under will be free, 16 and under will be $95.00. Non hunting adults accompanying youth are free. Adults hunting are $205.00.

Hope to see you this season,

Captain Pete